Vimto is a soft drink originating from England. It was first manufactured as a health tonic in cordial form, then decades later as a carbonated drink. It contains the juice of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants (in a 3% concentration), flavoured with herbs and spices. The original recipe was invented in 1908 by (John) Noel Nichols.

Vimto was created in 1908 in a warehouse at Chapel Street, Salford England, by (John) Noel Nichols (1883–1966), a wholesaler of herbs, spices and medicines. He saw the market opening for soft drinks due to the temperance movement and the passage of the 1908 Licensing Act. It was originally sold under the name Vim Tonic, which Nichols shortened to Vimto in 1912. Vimto was originally registered as a health tonic or medicine, which was then re-registered in 1913 as a cordial.

Both a still, dilutable version (“Vimto Cordial”) and a carbonated premixed version (“Fizzy Vimto”) are available in the UK. While Vimto has its origins in Northern England, it is increasingly growing in popularity, and can now be found nationally and internationally. The Cordial version is more widely sold, and is available in concentrate and ready-to-drink varieties.

The famous Vimto. Low cal type, Fizzy

Famous English Drink VIMTO
Famous English Drink

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