Published in INSPIRED EYE

Inspired Eye is photography digest with photography articles. The magazine is the brain child of Olivier Duong. I have been a member for sometime now and really look forward to the monthly editions.
Features photographers throughout the world, looks at their work in more detail and also provides articles on a number of photography issues.

To the title of my today’s blog: Published in Inspired Eye. Olivier asked a few weeks ago, to send in any articles that concern themselves about photo documentary. At the moment I am working on essay about the Fishing Industry in Thailand. So I sent off the work and thanks to Olivier it has been published.

Take a look, but also please view Inspired Eye, you will be surprised at all the articles from photographers just like me.

Keep Shooting

Babies Eyes

Took this picture on a recent trip to Rayong, Thailand. I go there to shoot the fishing boats and the fishermen returning with their catch. I saw this family early morning sitting and eating. To be truthful I didn’t see the eyes of the baby until I viewed the picture on the computer. I think it makes for a nice image.

Babies Eyes-0041

Keep Shooting