Not Active

Sorry Guys, have not been to active lately. Although I have viewed the reader and read quite a few posts. Reason, well been involved in my day job of late. My job, if I haven’t spoke about before is a “Physical Education Teacher” at an International school in Thailand. Last week we hosted a major sporting event, which lasted for four days, three days of sporting competition. So very little time over the last few weeks to post and add pictures to my blog. Games have finished, so I hope to be back on track and will start posting again and hopefully pick up where I left off.

Good news thou, I have sold my first picture, via “” Yes my first, ever sale. Well you have to start somewhere.

Also check out my podcast interview with Bob Peterson of Street Photography Magazine. Check out the magazine a must for all street photographers: I am on the front cover, with one of my pictures. Wow, thanks to Bob Peterson for the front cover.

Anyways, loads of stuff to follow. But back to grind and training minds of the importance of physical activity.

Honey Comb

Saw this in the local market. I have seen the honey comb on sale regularly in Thailand. The taste is fabulous.

Honey Comb 2-0020