Thailand’s Bus Art

Thailand Bus Art what is it? Thailand Bus art in is big business and each completed work of art could cost an owner between 40,000 and 70,000 baht (about US$US1,270 to US$2,223), depending on the complexity.
Most buses or should I say coach is decked out with high class art work.
Anime Bus Michelin

You could say that the art work on these means of transport is liken to street art. Most are painted in the style of the Japanese comics “Manga” and “Anime“.

To apply these works of art the artist uses a air bush technique to apply the paint to bus bodywork. One of the famous artist in Thailand is known as Khun Somchao Taveesabchai (Toan), and he has been applying custom artwork to the sides of buses for about 10 years. Khun Toan said it takes him and his team of two assistants about four days to design a bus layout and apply the stickers, and another seven to 10 days to airbrush. Before these wheeled transporters hit the road, the drivers make sure the paint work is washed and shined. If you visit Thailand, just keep a look out for these masterpieces.

One A Day 22

Zebra,Ponies and Elephants

Zebra’s, Ponies and Elephants at the base of a spirit house near the road in Thailand.

Why Zebra’s, well no one really knows the answer. But one theory, and I found that this may well be the answer, is the spirit house is placed at the roadside. The place to cross a road is at a zebra crossing in safety. So by placing the Zebra statue’s at shrines can bring the same sort of protection to an individual. But who knows?

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