One A Day 84

Another Manga designed bus fro Thailand. Everyday these artist works tour the roads of Thailand.


If you have traveled to Thailand and have missed these works of art on wheels, remember to stop by and for more graffiti on moving vehicles.

Don’t forget to get out and “Keep Shooting”

One A Day 83

The morning sky over Ban Chang, Thailand this morning. Then the rain came and when it rain’s here, it rain’s.

DSC_0028 DSC_0029

The pattern made in the sky was worth a shot or two.

Keep Shooting

Market Lady and Children

Lady and Children1

Walking around the local town market, I saw a lady pushing her vendor cart down the market street. I waited a few moments to see what would unfold and two youngsters approach her cart and brought from her. The picture is a little out of focus, but never mind the scene tells a story.