Monks receiving there alms.

Offering Receiving Praying to the Monk1

Early morning ritual in Thailand.

The Old Lady Street Vendor

You have admire the old Thai lady in the picture who is a street vendors selling food on the street. Get up early in the morning and prepare the food to sell. The temperature in Thailand has been the hottest in my twenty years here. So waiting in the sun for someone to buy her products, takes it toll.

Vendor Lady 2

Until next time “Keep Shooting”

Front Wheels

What shall I photograph next? Sitting down early Sunday morning at my usual stop. Why not take pictures of the motorbikes going past. But not the whole bike, but the front wheel.

I have converted both to black and white.

Front Wheel Front Wheel 2

Something a little different, but why not, isn’t that what photography is all about?

Keep Shooting