The Road Trip to Pembrokeshire for a Week’s Vacation Diary 

On the road to Pembrokeshire.

Day 1

Loading up the van and off we go. Taking the scenic route through Leominster, Brecon and then onto Haverfordwest for supplies and beer.

Arrived at the house. Not bad, I am sure I can get lost here. Plenty of rooms.

As usual not much to report, other than what you would expect in Wales, cold and a little rain. Still the scenery is beautiful and we have a great view of ocean.

 Taken on my iPad and from inside the house.

Lack of Photography

Since returning to the UK I have not been out much with the faithful camera. Well, I am putting a stop to this. How by starting a weekly except of travel and pictures of the UK

Some pictures will go through the editing process, but I would like to get away from this style and just upload straight from the camera.

Anyway, here goes. The first post comes from Worcester. A number of future posts will feature Worcester has this is the nearest city to my home base.


Not the bridge over River Kwai, but our  bridge over the River Severn. Cathedral in the background.

Picture is straight from the camera