Listen to the Trainer


On our recent visit to Thailand, my son in law suggested we went along to the new Lumpini Boxing Stadium. The old venue down Rama 4, Bangkok stood for a number of years, from 1956 up until 2014. The new stadium holds up to 5000 spectators and the atmosphere is electric once the boxers have sorted out the first couple of rounds. I took my camera on this occasion and managed to come out with a few decent shots.




This picture takes be back. Sundays down at Rayong fishing port with my camera clicking off the pictures.

Ice On It's Way

The fishermen preparing the boat for another trip. The ice block goes in the hold ready for the fish to be put on ice. Pardon the pun.

Can I Help You?


I like this pictures quite a lot. I remember see this lady looking at something on a stall and thought I would wait to see if she turns around to look. Her hat is just fabulous and the eyes says it all, “Can I help you”.

The picture was taken in Thailand a couple of years ago.