Road Trip Around the Amari Hua Hin

Great breakfast to start the day, just sitting around the pool enjoying the sun and relaxing after the journey from the south.
Last night started off as a disaster. We went to a restaurant that we have patronized since its beginning, but last year the service and attitude of the owner was a little rude, so I reviewed on a site explaining the event. We thought we would give the owner a second chance to see if the service had improved. Once there we sat down, speaking to the waitress who commented that she had not seen us for over a year. To my surprise the owner came over and shouted that there was no table for us in front of the few customers that were there, we got up and left. The name of the restaurant shall remain nameless in this blog. But it is in Hua Hin. Never mind we traveled into the centre and had a great meal.

My wife is using her Kindle and my daughter explained how to work the tool. Hopefully I will have some piece and quiet to continue with this blog. Don’t tell her what I said.

Back to the blog.
The Amari is a very nice place to stay if in Hua Hin, it is on the south side of the town but is still convenient to the shopping areas. We have stayed here before so we know the layout of location.
Onto the beach for the afternoon. There is a very nice beach cafe/bar which is part of the Amari, which serves food and drinks.
Couldn’t resist the picture below it is the ultimate beach massage.



Stay tuned for the final day of the road trip. Back Home to Rayong, Thailand


On the Move Road Trip

Got over the sick bug and feeling a little better. Moving to Hua Hin for the next stage of the Christmas Road Trip. If you travel from Krabi to the north take the highway to Surat Thani H44 the route is breath taking, on the right hand side of the road the mountains look like a scene used a prehistoric movie. In fact if film directors have not seen the landscape they should send out their researchers. I am sure they would be featured in a Jurassic movie. All along this highway you travel through rubber and coconut plantation adding to this wonderful journey.



On the route saw a monk hitch hiking this is a first.


Continuing along road north you pass vendors selling lovely bananas. Stop, try and purchase a few bunches you won’t be disappointed.
We finally make to our next destination at the Amari Hua Hin for a two night stay.
Stay tuned for the next installment.

Lost Souls

I have been working on my latest photo essay titled “Lost Souls” for a few months. The idea behind the project started when I visited the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. Walking around the area outside of the Grand Palace with my camera hoping to shoot pictures.
I noticed numerous people looking lost, sad and obviously wondering where they would stay for the night. I am not talking about the tourists, where at times I have been lost, but these lost souls are unfortunately in distressed. Could they have lost their jobs, divorce, loved ones or a nervous breakdown? We don’t approach them and find out what can I do for you or do we care?

In this blog I am putting together a journal of pictures that highlight unfortunate people who have lost their way. We seem to complain about work, etc, I hope the article brings awareness that there are many people you are in a unfortunate position and that by the grace of God go you or I. All pictures are taken by me.
Spend a thought.

Sad Man


Eating by 7-11




Looking For Help


Help Please


Down the Line

No Road Trip Blog Today

Sorry all,
Not feeling to well today, been up most of the night. What a time to get sick! Anyways hopefully the daily update will return tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Travel Photography (SEA)

As a experienced traveler in South East Asia, especially in Thailand, I have been fortunate to have sampled a number of locations in the area. I have lived in Thailand for the last 18 years and have traveled throughout the Kingdom to the north, south, west and east. It is very difficult to state which part of the country is my favorite, as each part has it’s beauty and reasons why they may perhaps be at the top of my list. However, one area that I really enjoy visiting is Kanchanaburi. It’s location steeped in history from World War 2, which is known to many and behind. A visit to the “Death Railway” is a must on any ones itinerary and of course the famous “Bridge over the River Kawi”.

Thailand is a photographers dream, with a coastline that span’s around 2600km and 76 provinces there are many opportunities for quality pictures.
Bangkok offers the photographer ample temples, the Grand Palace and for travel and street photographers a paradise to explore and have fun with interaction with the people.
I enjoy my trips to Bangkok and have a developed a portfolio of pictures from the street.


The Monk with a Camera, was captured during the annual boat race on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok.

A trip down the Chao Phraya River is another location well worth the time. Just a few weeks ago I spent the day traveling the river taxi, jumping off at different location with my camera at the ready for interesting opportunities to click off a few pictures. Admitting most were street shots and not in genre of travel pictures. However, a fun time can be add going up and down the river with your camera.

A day trip to Ayutthaya is another location that shouldn’t be missed. The location is vast area of temple ruins in which photographers can use their imagination to capture truly marvelous pictures.

At the northern end of the country we have the famous cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to explore. Chiang Mai has changed over the years, like many of the Thai cities and coastal areas with it’s emphasis on tourism, but traveling further into the hilly locations you can still find authentic hill tribes going about their everyday life. Taking a trek with a company will take you to the breath taking landscape northern Thailand has to offer.
If you just want to take tourist snaps then near to Chiang Mai a village set up with hill tribe families at the ready for you to take pictures of themselves in the hill tribe attire.

Anyways Thailand is a paradise for the photographer. Don’t take my word for it, check the

Street Photography or Not?

I have always been interested in photography most of life, and that is a long time, haha. However, it is only recently that I purchased a DLSR, in fact it is nearly a year since. Everyday I try to take pictures, I have read that the best way to improve is to shoot. With this thought I do my very best to heed the advice of these truly marvelous photographers.
Photography has now become a obsession, in fact to the point, where my wife asks is your girlfriend coming along with us today, she is of course talking my trusty camera. Yes is the reply. So out she comes my Nikon D3200 on any trip or even down to local shops, just in case an opportunity arrives.

My photography interests are in sports, street, people and portrait. My job is a Physical Education teacher at a International School, so I have a opportunity to shoot when the school teams are playing against other schools from the area and practice taking shots.

Anyways let’s get to the title of this post. What is Street Photography? What I have read, there is a number of definitions and the way photographers view street photography. Is it an invasion of people’s privacy? Could be! My own definition of street photography is being on the street taking pictures of what ever you find interesting. You are not in a studio, or in the middle of a landscape surrounding. So perhaps being on the street is the answer to what is “Street”.


As I continue to develop has a photographer being on the street taking pictures helps my photography. The speed at which you have to react to differing situations, checking the settings for the ever changing light and the composition in the frame. All these factors indeed keep you on your toes, so to speak.


Is there any part of street photography that could be called street portraits?Just taking people’s portraits on the street. Maybe this could be called “Street Portraits” or maybe “Candid” is the correct term? I sometimes ask the subject or maybe I’ve started a conversation then asked to take their picture.
Perhaps Eric Kim of Eric Kim Street Photography sums up the definition of “Street” by stating that the genre is made up of a number sub domains. I hope you don’t mind me using you Eric in my blog on Street Photography?

Another point I would like to cover is that of settings on the camera, should you use manual, aperture or auto priority, should street photography be film only?

If you are into street photography take a look at the video “Everybody Street” it is very inspirational and is a must for any potential street photographer.

To finish off this blog just a couple of quotes from famous street photographers:
The only tool that’s stops time Jill Freedman


Krabi Beach 1 The Road Trip

Another day of the road trip. My daughter was not feeling to well today, so the planned adventures was cut down to a visit to the beach. Managed to get along to Nopparat Thara Beach. The beach is very much a locals meeting point at the weekend. I went along on Sunday and the beach was packed with families enjoying the ocean, picnicking and relaxing under the cover of the tress, just off the beach front. At low tide it is possible to walk out to a nearby island at the one end of the beach.



The beach is over 3 kilometers. I saw no deck chairs or sun lounges, so if you go along take your own chairs, towels and beach mats.

At the other end the scenery is more picturesque with a cliff and a number of long tail taxi boats taking tourists to the nearby Ao Rai Lay beach. Getting to this beach is by boat only, however, it is well worth a visit. Taxi boats can be taken from Ao Nang and  Nopparat Thara Beach. Not sure on the cost these days, as most prices have changed since I last visited the area. Will check it out and put it in a future post.